Why choose Arion?

Arion Services is part of the Arion Group, which is dedicated to offering an unrivalled service to the construction Sub-contractor. The entire group has the sole aim of assisting you to keep your payments of tax efficient, legal and simple.

We make life easy for the clients you supply your services to. We make the whole payment and administrative side of your business simple and focused, leaving both you and your clients free to do what you do best.

The Arion Group is dedicated to being a fully encompassing one-stop shop for the self employed professional.

What we do for you

  • Payment to you on Fridays into your nominated bank account
  • No registration fee
  • Verify all you details with HMRC to make sure you pay the correct tax
  • Invoice directly to your agency or company
  • Payments can be made up to 3.30pm on Fridays for late notifications
  • Weekly pay statement issued to you at your nominated address

Benefits of choosing Arion

  • You are paid promptly on time, everytime
  • We help maximise your profits
  • We provide peace of mind
  • Full financial back office support
  • No registration fees to pay
  • Boast many years experience
  • Offer sound financial advice to clients
  • We make life easy for you and your clients
  • We offer a highly personal service with dedicated contacts
  • A deduction statement issued to you monthly
  • Guarantee “if we get paid you get paid”
  • Full public liability and Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Flexible Accident insurance
  • Copies of all deduction statements kept for your reference
  • Liaise directly with your agency or company over payment problems
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