Sub Contractors

Sub Contractors


In the uncertainty of the contracting world we at Arion Services Ltd endeavor to be the one thing in your professional life you can depend on. We have an unrivalled payment record for our subcontractors. We offer flexibility unheard of within the industry. We really do work on you behalf.

FAQ’S for Sub-contractors

Can I work through ASL as a PAYE employee?

Unfortunately we only contract with Self-employed contractors through the Construction Industry scheme (CIS). If you are not already registered for the scheme simply follow this link to the HMRC website to begin the process.

How and when do I get paid?

The usual process is via BACS or Chaps (same day payment) directly to your bank account, usually Friday. We also have the flexibility to process a chaps payment to you as late as 15.30 on the Friday as long as we have confirmation of the payment from an authorised person.

How do I know what I have been paid?

We can send a text on the following day to let you know the amount of funds you will receive. We also send out a weekly payment statement and monthly tax deduction statement outlining the total payment to yourself and the amount of tax forwarded to HMRC on your behalf.

Do I pay National insurance?

As a Self-employed subcontractor you are responsible for your own contributions. ASL highly recommends that you set up a monthly Direct Debit to cover this with the HMRC.

Can I recover expenses through Arion Services Ltd?

No as a self-employed contractor you can claim legitimate business expenses but this must be done when you fill in your annual self-assessment form for the HMRC.

If you would like to register with Arion or would just like some further information do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.